Mathilde Marsot is a bilingual (English/French) indie-folk songwriter from San Francisco, California and Montreal, Quebec. She now resides in Chicago, Illinois where she is working on building her career. Mathilde has been making music for longer than she can consciously remember, and her grandparents confirm, the songwriting began as soon as she could talk. At the age of five years old, she debuted her first ever single at her kindergarten talent show, accompanied by her father on guitar. She continues to develop her voice through renowned art schools, classical vocal training, songwriting workshops, mentorship, and hard work. Mathilde can alter her timbres extensively, allowing her to adopt any styles she pleases. Through her years of music theory, and in order to expand on her songwriting methods, Mathilde taught herself piano at the age of 12 and guitar at 16. She is seeking out recording studios, connecting with instrumentalists in the Chicago scene, developing her internet presence, and forming her foundational marketing plan.  

Although music is her primary passion, Mathilde is an artist at heart and is continuously exploring new mediums of expression. Mathilde dabbles in printmaking, sculpture, furniture upcycling, and fashion design. Finding passion in everything she does, Mathilde enjoys the physical process of creation. Because of her incredibly supportive family, Mathilde has been exposed to art and culture from a young age. She spent her summers toiling alongside her grandmother, award-winning Quebecoise costume designer Helene Schneider, in her studio; attending songwriting and acting intensives at schools such as SOCAPA and UCLA; practicing dance, gymnastics and aerial circus stunts; and, to her grandmother’s dismay, struggling terribly at swim camp. Through experiences like these, Mathilde learned the importance of dedication to one’s craft, and cultivating relationships with industry professionals.  

Mathilde has received recognition for her clever lyricism and hypnotizing melodies in the form of the Columbia Creatives Award. This has provided her with a four-year financial scholarship to further her education at Columbia College Chicago, where she received her Bachelor of arts in Music and Music business, in May 2023.