Mathilde anais marsot

Chicago-Based Singer and Songwriter

Indie-folk artist with rock and French influences. 

Notes on 'Honey'

It's a catchy song with interesting minor chord changes on the chorus and bridge. As for the performance; I like her voice very much - it's unique. It’s a very compelling vocal performance with nice vocal doubling (which is not easy to pull off). Additionally, it has a nice complimentary bass line. I believe the artist has a vision, which is so important.” - Kent Anderson

Kent Anderson is a music industry professional working as the CEO and Founder of Sharp Consulting, a Voting Member of the Recording Academy, and former record label executive at Virgin Records. Anderson also acts as a part-time professor at Columbia College Chicago, teaching classes such as Business of Music and Entertainment Marketing. In his spare time he does live performances on bass with various acts across the area.

I really like the opening music. Spare drum, really interesting bass work, understated guitar—creates an alluring soulful groove reminiscent of an old Stax bed. The bass is a highlight throughout the song. Voice works well against the the groove—very inviting. Opening verse is strong—intriguing lyrics pull the listener in... really interesting vibe between her voice in the verse and simple but compelling rhythm bed.” - Michael Harris

Michael Harris is a professional writer and educator from Chicago, Illinois. He currently acts as a writing professor at Columbia College Chicago, but has extensive experience in the music industry prior to his employment in the university. Previously, Harris acted as the Editor in Chief for the Illinois Entertainer which featured music reviews, musician, interviews, and entertainment news. He has extensive experience in both writing and music critique.

...the simplicity of the accompaniment was pleasantly familiar and nostalgic. Loved the play on the word honey as a person as a food item.” - Walter Owens

Walter Owens Jr. serves the Rev. Senator James T. Meeks and the 13,000+ member congregation of the Salem Baptist Church of Chicago as its Minister of Music and Arts – a role that includes leadership to 17 arts-related ministries and 1,000 volunteers. The church worships in the 10,000 seat sanctuary of the House of Hope located in the Roseland neighborhood on the southside of Chicago and whose Sunday and Wednesday services can be seen live each week. He completed his undergraduate work at Northwestern University (Evanston, IL) in music education and graduate work at Butler University (Indianapolis, IN) in conducting. He is on the adjunct faculty at Columbia College where he conducts the Gospel Repertory Ensemble and the Gospel Choir.